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Helping Great Companies

Solve their digital
marketing challenges.

We combine a proven process with
outstanding talent to get you the best ROI.

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We offer sound guidance and execute common-sense strategies designed with client-specific ROI, revenue growth, and long-term success in mind.

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Campaign Expertise

We've worked with several hundred campaigns over more than 15 years from the Fortune 500, consumer brands, software companies, to trade schools, travel sites, and local businesses to take their PPC to its highest level of performance.

Extreme Transparency

Every successful working relationship has one thing in common for us, clear and frequent communication with our clients. You know everything we know, no trade secrets or data is ever held back. Communication is paramount to everything we do.

Start a Conversation

We offer a consultative, no pressure, relationship building approach to building our client base. Every relationship starts with a conversation to get to know more about you, your customers, and goals. Contact us today.

Welcome to LS Media

LS Media is team of pay-per-click and digital marketing experts, focused on growth through digital promotion. We work with clients from the enterprise level all the way to local service providers. Our team is comprised of world class industry veterans who have been professionally involved with digital marketing for 10+ years. Below are the ad platforms we focus on.

Who are our clients?

Our best clients are those with an established product/market fit and want to use paid search to grow revenue, make their current efforts more efficient, and/or further understand the benefit of working with specialized professionals for paid search management.

The types of clients we work with are consulting firms, SaaS software companies, trade schools, consumer brands, ecommerce stores, specialty vacation providers, recruiters, real estate companies, local businesses, and professional service providers to name a few.

What is Retargeting and should I use it? Short answer: yes, every business should.

A Glimpse of our Process

Research & Strategy

We kick off every new client engagement with a intense deep dive into your business, this helps us research keyword ideas and set the advertising strategy that we'll execute.

Campaign Execution

Campaign build outs include all of the account and campaign structuring, ad copy writing, call-to-actions, banner creating, and installation to test all tracking and measurement.

Launch & Monitoring

As part of the ongoing optimization process we monitor your initial campaign launch very closely for performance and typically make dozens if not hundreds of minor course correction tweaks.

Optimization & Reporting

We'll relentlessly tweak, optimize, add to, and report on your campaign performance, giving you a competitive edge amongst your competitors.

Why work with us?


We've been buying digital media and paid search traffic from the very start in the 1990s all the way till now. We've worked with 100s of clients large and small, increasing ecommerce sales and helping deliver profitable leads.

Proven Track Record & Results

Many of our clients are long standing and serve as a testament to our track record, and the results we continue to deliver for them.

Pricing Transparency & Communication

We offer a clear paid search pricing structure, which is based on your ad budget with no ambiguity. Further we offer in-depth reporting and on-demand phone and email support.

Have any questions? What are your biggest digital marketing challenges?

Leave us a comment or question below. We answer every inquiry.